Welcome to Neubrandenburg

Welcome to Neubrandenburg




Welcome students and teachers from schools all over the world. In this article we are going to present you our city of Neubrandenburg and our school, the Albert-Einstein-Gymnasium. The name of our school comes from the mastermind and revolutionist of modern physics, Albert Einstein. His way of extraordinary thinking is what students of our school get to know – to create things of unusual greatness. We have got special classes for highly talented students, who can attend the school from 5th grade on after passing an intelligence test. The AEG offers its students the best opportunities to develop their minds and be the upcoming leaders of the next generation on an international level.

Our school is the biggest one in Neubrandenburg with over 650 students, 60 teachers and 35 rooms. The majority of our students attends the AEG from the 7th grade on and graduates with the high school diploma ´Abitur´ at the end of the 12th grade, which is the highest possible graduation you can achieve in the German school system. In years 5-10 we have two classes of highly gifted students. In year 7 three additional classes are formed.

Our school building contains several classrooms, including rooms for sciences, computer rooms as well as special art and music rooms and not to forget: a recording studio.

Furthermore we have got a huge gym with a sports ground attached to it, a spacious cafeteria, a library and a wood workshop. The hall (our ´Aula´) is the largest room in the AEG where all the meetings and important events take place.

A special feature of our school design is that it was partly planned by the students themselves. The sundial and the path of Einstein decorate this place, where the majority of the students spends their breaks. We have also got trampolines and an outdoor volleyball field included in the yard.






The AEG supports the education of its students especially in the section of science. Therefore our school has been awarded the STEM certificate (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics; in German: MINT). Because of that the AEG is a part of a Germany wide network that supports students in preparing projects, holding competitions or sponsoring trips.

Our students have successfully taken part in several mathematics, physics, biology, chemistry as well as debating competitions. The STEM certificate also enables our teachers to use the possibility of further education for keeping at new, modern technologies.

Furthermore, our school owns four sets of tablets (15 each), two computer rooms (28 PCs per room), a 3D printer and at least one computer and a projector in every classroom. These devices are often used to prepare or give presentations, work out texts or do research on the Internet. This way the students of our school can learn to use modern media and new technologies from grade 5 onwards.



Sports at our school




 The event "Einstein Cup" is the highlight at the AEG every year. It is a volleyball tournament for the entire school in which more than 25 teams compete. Every class has the chance to create a team with at least two girls in it and struggle for the glorious trophy. The whole day is a spectacular event for every school member. The teams often design own shirts and funny costumes. The winner of the tournament gets the chance of playing against the experienced teacher squad to become a school champion.
Other popular sports at our school are table tennis and high jump (for both there is a competition every year), as well as football and badminton. These sports are sometimes played in the PE lessons but more often during allday school activities. The AEG has several all-day offers that students can use, for example sports classes, a chess club, language projects, the school newspaper, a choir, the theatre club and art projects. Many students take the chance to practice their hobbies with their friends at school.
At the end of every school year there is a sports day as well, where everybody can decide for one sport to practice it the whole day long.
All in all the AEG is a very sporty school.



Charity concert















In every March our school supports local common welfare projects by giving a charity concert in the Concert

Church of the city. Many students of our school take part in it and act as musicians, singers, dancers, actors, comedians or work in the crew. But before they can enter the stage the performances are examined by a jury of teachers. Only they decide whether the act is good enough to be presented on the main stage or not.
A few weeks prior to that decision the students propose and vote for one charity project which will receive the raised money.
The day of the concert is always very stressful and hectic. The last rehearsal is done, last decisions are made and everybody is excited about the event.
At the end of the show the donation is given to the particular organization by our principal Dr. Dietmar Kittler.
The AEGs charity concert is visited by people throughout the town and is a climax in every school year.


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The authors of this presentation

Students: Paul Lehmann, Eric Lischinski, Erik Ludwig, Carl V. Schilling, Vincent Stapel, Theodor Trenev

Teacher:  Petra Wittner